Sunday, July 6, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (XXXII)

"TOR outlawed in Austria, exploits that are timeless, week of celebration for the cybersecurity sector, universities training future hackers and mobile applications that publish your IP". The five top post this week, directly in the Sunday compilation.

The Tor network does not pass its best moment. Austria declared illegal use by considering one of the most common tools for trafficking child pornography. A drastic measure for all citizens who lawfully used. To this we can add the discovery that applications from the likes of "Orweb: Private Web Browser", "Anonymous Browser Connect TOR" and "Onion iOS Browser", available on Android and iOS, and that make it easier to connect with this technology, set the IP's to their users when they display video.

Old habits never go out of style. DefenseCode published this week, a paper in which he explained how to knock Unix-based systems, such as OS X or RedHat. Nothing new apparently, and knowing that the exploit was found for the first time ... in the 80s!

Of course, they could not be all bad news. The Europol celebrates 15 years, one of the agencies that has ensured the security of Europe, even after the creation of the European Centre against Cybercrime (EC3). 

And this, we must add the initiatives several universities, including the Mellon Carniege are underway to offer courses related to information security in order to train students in skills needed for all social environments.

Top five topics of the week. News Five drinking from the same source. The value of knowledge.


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