Saturday, July 12, 2014

Malware back to life

“Life is a constant process, a continuous transformation in time, it’s a birth, a death and a rebirth" This quote is attributed to German philosopher and scientist Hermann Keyserling, the most notable figure in contemporary nonacademic German philosophy and founder of the "School of Wisdom", closed years after by the Nazi Regime.

Following this quote, malware evolves. It is born, it dies and it is reborn. Take a look at the GameOver Zeusbotnet, which has come to life from the depths after being considerated eradicated. An improved version, discovered by Malcovery Security, is designed to send spam for stealing financial information from infected devices.

Despite GameOver Zeus, Microsoft is the great star of the weekend because of agreement with No-IP, a platform that changes IP directions into friendly URLs (or at least more readable ones). Redmond company has stopped 4,7 millions of computer that were sending malware against its OS. This court order operation has uncovered at least another 4,7 millions of infected machines, but also left out of service to 1.2 million users, in a sort of “collateral damage”.

Alternative office suite, Google Drive, was recently advised of a vulnerability, based on links on non public shared documents. This links send referal data that would let an attacker of those sites to know also the private document URL. An Infoworld post calls to calm, as this vulnerability was fixed. But without leaving neither this blog nor Google, we find today that *Gmail for iOS users may become victims of potential sniffers: their app lacks a security protocol that is activated in Android version.

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