Saturday, July 26, 2014

From Russia from love

"The project is infallible because I have already provided all the possible variations and imponderables"The fictional character Kronsteen demonstrated with these words the feeling of superiority that only an chess champion world-class could be in the second installment of James Bond, From Russia with Love. A production that is more alive than ever in the figure of the third environment and fierce competition for and against privacy.

25 years have passed since the creation of the first firewall, and just two days ago in the CIGTR we echoed an infographic on its evolution. We return to the issue with an article, this time by the guys at ESET, which remind us of the value of these tools, and how today still provide essential protection in the first line of our devices.

Tails, Linux suite focused on maintaining user privacy, and is often used as OS Live USB by activists and reporters, is a source of news for alleged exploit that allows a recipient to know the actual IP of the user, which could help discover the actual location of the person.

To this we can add the bug considered critical that researchers at Carnegie made public on the TOR Project, used as a communication system for web in Tails, and as usual tool anyone interested in maintaining customer their anonymity. The team behind it is already working against time to fix it before the BlackHat August, which is the date that the investigation team has been set to reveal how to exploit it.

An initiative that certainly would have been most welcome to the Russian Interior Ministry, which offers € 83,000 to anyone who discovers a vulnerability that exposes user data TOR clients. The excuse for such action is the fight against pedophilia, but who is coming, and with knowledge of government control that are subject to communications in the country, it is possible that the interest is (also) property other.

So much so that Edward Snowden, the reporting that this past year has been revealing the dirty laundry of the American government seems to be interested in helping society and not only with information but creating simple tools that enable anonymous use. The ultimate goal, he says, is that communication in the third environment is made privately and securely, preventing governments have the same capacity and quiet Kronsteen demonstrating against Bond.

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