Thursday, July 24, 2014

Digital supernovae

15 years ago Chandra X-ray Observatory satellite became operational with the vast mission to "explore the universe." For this reason, NASA has released four impressive supernovae images. Like celestial panorama, cybersecurity is also full of supernovae, stars that have just exploded and that may form new galaxies.

Today's first supernova is represented by a serious vulnerability for WordPress plugin MailPoet, specialized in newsletters for subscribers. There is already a constellation of 50.000 affected blogs, and millions of "bloggers planets" called to cover themselves by immediately applying the patch.
We all already know that most populous galaxy on Internet is Facebook. So it is also the most prone for the most evil beings in the universe trying to take advantage of it. Facebook is like jumping from scam to another scam. The last one has been found and reported by Symantec, and it shows the case of a mother earning $ 8,000 a month in an "unbelievable" way. If you are so careless and click on the link, you'll end up installing an "exploit" in your device that will make you forget any "digital supernova" explosion.

Not only evil stars, also benign astros rise up. 25 years ago was released the first Firewall, as a security system that today would seem rudimentary, but essential to explain the evolution of the Information Security until nowadays. Mainly, to explain that there's no invulnerable systems. Researchers have just found the first breach in the operating system preferred by Edward Snowden: TAILS. A gap that attacks precisely what is supposed to be the best value of the system: its anonymity.

The brightness of some stars is so strong that inevitably produce reflections. For example, researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, who exposed alleged "pro-NSA" backdoors for iOS devices, as we could see here yesterday ( Apple has picked up the baton and has recognized the existence of such a security hole, but has denied any connection to made ​​in USA espionage.

Finally, something inherent to Universe rules are the constellations shocks, leading to new realities. The most notorious shock these days is differences between the EU and Google with regard to the so-called "Right to Be Forgotten". Until now the Internet giant has been critical but cautious. But they will not sit idly: the amount of data to be erased may become a nightmare, so Google wants to hold meetings with various governments to study how to implement exactly this new law.

Every day new stars and celestial objects are emerging. Most of them go unnoticed, but this is no reason enough to stop watching the sky. That is our purpose that we invite you to follow, here and on our social networks. You may find the links at the sidebar of this blog.

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