Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cybersecurity is living a celebration

Yesterday was an occasion to celebrate that the fight against cybercrime and threats in the digital environment is in the right track.

As a matter of fact, last Tuesday, Europol turned 15. Among its many functions, the European police agency aims to combat Internet crime. So in 2013 it open its European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) which investigates cybercrime in relation with organized crime , with harmful activities to victims and with attacks to EU’s critical infrastructures and information systems. Happy Birthday, Europol!

It was not the only anniversary celebrated yesterday. The Latin American branch of security company ESET reached 10 years of activity yesterday. During this time, it has not only worked to spread its security products across the region, but has also conducted training initiatives as "Gira Antivirus".

This type of educational projects are very beneficial for the cybersecurity world because there is a serious lack of knowledge about the risks associated with the use of information technology. However, some universities are increasingly aware of its importance. In this regard, the Carnegie Mellon University of Pittsburgh has included an IT course in its curriculum to make its students to think like hackers.

However other universities are suffering relentless attacks from hackers who, in the worst cases, manage to access their systems and steal information. The latest university that went through a situation like this was the Butler University in Indianapolis. Law enforcement contacted this center after arresting an individual who had a flash memory where they were stored personal details from 163,000 of its students and employees since 1983.

For sure, the Butler University does not wish to have students like this in its classrooms. Nor many universities would open its doors to the 17-years-old charged by the British National Crime Agency with fraud and computer misuse.

As we have already said, information and training are essential to avoid most of the security incidents. Therefore, we invite you to take a look at the latest content on the Red Temática CriptoRed and follow us on any of our social channels (find the links at the right sidebar) or here on our blog.


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