Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cybercrime is not going on vacation

A week in an exotic hotel in the Maldives, a trip to a natural paradise, a bike ride through the mountains or just a nap on the couch. July has just started and it’s the time to enjoy a few days relaxing for many people. But cybercrime and cyber threats do not rest, so the CIGTR does not close for holidays. We will keep reporting daily all the news about the world of cybersecurity.

It seems that Microsoft is not going to have a peaceful holiday. Yesterday the corporation seized 22 domains from the dynamic domain name provider No-IP that were allegedly being used by cybercriminals to distribute “Bladabindi” and “Jenxcus” malware. However, this measure has affected many legitimate users and has raised a host of criticism against Microsoft.

Security firms can not lower their guard this summer. Symantec is one of them. In fact, this company form California has warned of industrial cyber espionage carried out in the energy sector by a group dubbed Dragonfly in the U.S. and several European countries since 2011.

As already mentioned, criminals will not have a sigh of relief. Proof of this is the umpteenth version of the Zeus Trojan that has just been discovered. "Lite Zeus" does not have as many features as its big brother, but boasts a more modern encryption, AES-128.

Another evidence that criminal minds never stop their activity is the recent extortion letters that pizza restaurants are receiving. Yes, it’s right. It seems that there are already 16 restaurants pizzas that have got such letters demanding Bitcoins. In the case of not giving in to the demands, blackmailers threaten to damage the restaurants’’ reputation with fake reviews on the internet, nonexistent orders and all that comes to mind.

In any case, those of you going on vacation, can go with a bit safer since Apple has just released iOS 7.1.2 for your iPhones and iPads, which fixes up to 42 vulnerabilities. In addition, Google has also done its homework and fixed a small bug in its Drive storage service, which could expose some information about shared links if a long list of circumstances existed. Prevention is better than cure.

The CIGTR’s team wish you a happy holiday. But do not forget that the use of technology involves some risks and not keeping your eyes open could spoil you those days of relax. Therefore, we invite you to follow us on any of our social channels (find the links are at the right sidebar) or here on our blog.


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