Sunday, June 1, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (XXVII)

"Cyberwar, committed open source encrypted, beating records DDoS attacks, cyber fires and the Chinese / American cyber espionage". The five top post this week, directly in the Sunday compilation.
Was published, after a few months of waiting,  the RootedCON conferences since the CIGTR cover in several articles. And between them, the two giants of Spanish industry, Juan Antonio Calles and Pablo Gonzalez FluProject, who spoke about cyberwar.

Also knew this week that TrueCrypt, one of the most popular open source tools for data encryption, announced that his system is not entirely secure. An exercise in honesty, which opens the question about the immediate future of the project.

Russia suffered the largest DDoS attack in its history, mainly targeting banks, enterprises and public institutions, and which resulted in a new record: 60 to 80 gigabits per second, reaching peaks of 120, resulting collapse of the administrative systems of the country.

Several digital fire, which bind to the war of power between China and the U.S. on the continuous attacks of espionage in which they are involved. Of the 5 Chinese hackers detainees by sabotage and theft of information from American companies, the decision of the Eastern country to prevent their companies to hire American consulting services, and recent American counteroffensive, which is considering the possibility of withdrawing visas Chinese hackers who had planned to attend both as BlackHat and Defcon conference.

Top five topics of the week. News Five drinking from the same source. The business that are behind the theft.


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