Thursday, June 26, 2014

We start you up against cyber threats with The Rolling Stones

“If you start me up / If you start me up I’ll never stop / If you start me up / If you start me up I’ll never stop.” This is right, dear friends, we begin today's post listening to rock tones, listening to "Start Me Up" song by the Rolling Stones. Last night their Satanic Majesties visited Spain for the joy of 54,000 lucky people.

Let’s see if this injection of music really start we up because the arrival of new security threats will never stop. Taking advantage of the World Cup in Brazil, our friends at ESET Latin America presents a team formed by many of these cyber threats. They called rogue software "Christian Roguenaldo”, adware "Kun Adware-ro" and malware “Pibe Malwarerrama". A dream team that can score you a lot of goals, so start you up and watch your step!

Our own mobile phones bring many of these hazards. McAfee Labs warns that a large number of app clones are potentially harmful for our devices. For example, the security company claims that 80% of "Flappy Bird" clones  contained malware.

Another security company specializing in the mobile field reinforces this argument. Lookout has warned of a malicious app that was published on the Google Play Store as a legitimate application for Mizrahi Bank in Israel. The aim of this malware called "BankMirage" was to steal the bank customers ID.

In fact, tricking the user can be very profitable for cybercriminals. In this regard, phishing attacks are probably the best example. According to security company Phishlabs, most of the kits used to perform phishing campaigns target banks, payment services and social networks.

But not all dangers come from the hand of malware or phishing.Software vulnerabilities themselves are another important risk to take into consideration. So if you you are an administrator of a 'SAP NetWeaver' platform you should immediately install the security patches launched by the company to cover a vulnerability that could eventually compromise the entire system.

Meanwhile, it seems that Telefónica has begun to feel the Rolling’s chorus and started it up to reach an agreement with Etisalat - a company from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - to develop and implement a Security Operation Center (SOC) in that country that it will offer a "wide range" of cybersecurity services to organizations of all types.

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