Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Something creepy is happening on the Internet

“Dude, what is so funny? How did you know that I had a flower?” Jack laughs because he is not supposed to know that his friend was playing with a flower pen while talking to him on the phone.

Today we discovered this video on Graham Cluley’s blog. Comedian Jack Vale filmed it to show how easy and creepy is that someone hacks your webcam to spy on you in the privacy of your home. Although the scenes on the video are quite funny, hacking someone's webcam is both an attack on privacy and a crime, so you should not imitate Mr. Vale. And if you don’t want anyone spying on you, cybersecurity experts such as Graham Cluley himself or Spanish Chema Alonso usually advice to tape your webcam with a post-it or something similar. It is a not very sophisticated method, but a highly effective one.

Unfortunately the violation of your privacy is just one of the scary things that can happen to you on the Internet. Another one is scams. Imagine you come across a website that sells Victoria Secret lingerie with over 30% off and decide you're going to take this opportunity to give your partner a brand new intimate set. But after some days you realise you will not receive the clothes, but they did charge you for them. In that case, we are sorry to tell you that you have been a victim of a fairly common scam, as denounced by Brian Krebs on his blog.

But horror does not end there. You could also fall into the clutches of a banking Trojan. For example, into the Dyreza’s ones. As all this kind of malware do, it will try to steal your credentials to access your bank account. But Dyreza also has a distinctive characteristic: It implements a browser hooking technique to defeat SSL encryption.

Lately, banking Trojans like the one we just described do not only hit desktop OS. Its growth in mobile operating systems like Android is exponential. Last year, there were detected roughly 3,500 pieces of this type of mobile malware. So we must be very carefully when it comes to install anything on our smartphones.

We must also look closely the emails that we receive before giving them any credibility. Especially if they relate to the Soccer World Cup in Brazil. Cybercriminals are using this event as a hook in spam campaigns and for various scams such as the “FIFA lottery” one, which congratulates you because your email address was randomly selected and you supposedly won £ 2 million. Forget it! They want to scam you, do not let them!

Do not joke about your desire to kill someone posting it on social networks either. In Spain, there are already several arrested people for inciting violence on their profiles and, in U.S. there are also individuals serving sentences of up to 44 months in jail for posting on Facebook how they would kill their family members or others. But... when these messages are really threats or only a way of liberating yourself “in private”? The U.S. Supreme Court is currently considering one of this cases to discern this issue.

But do not let these cyberthreats to stop you from enjoying the benefits of the Internet. You just have to be prudent and cautious when using this network and keep yourself aware of the latest news about them. So we invite you to follow us on any of our social channels (fin the links at the right sidebar) or here on our blog.


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