Saturday, June 21, 2014

DDoS, metadata and vulnerability: el Trío Ternura

“In a time when anyone can Google up a ‘botnet for hire’ and use it to execute a 20-to-40-gigabits-per-second attack, from several thousands sources, no threat can be truly dismissed”, said Igal Zeifman of Incapsula, a DDoS mitigation service, following the campaign of digital attacks the Brazilian government. One of the pillars on which the new hypothetical Trío Ternura of City of God would settle  if Marreco, Cabeleira and Alicates ( give for riding his band in the digital world. Let's see, therefore, who would each of them in the world of cybercrime:

Marreco be responsible for what you do best: cause chaos. A campaign use the pull of the World Cup media to the plight of poverty, corruption and police brutality to which its citizens are subjected supposedly. A denial of service attack throw for hours the game's official website.

Computer security techniques would form the second pillar, with Cabeleira acting conductor. Since Maligno Alonso talk  in one of his last articles, efficient use a forensic specialist could perform from the metadata of a file incorrectly deleted from a floppy disk, has allowed the police to detain BTK (Bind them, Torture them and Kill them), a historical serial murderer who took the lives of 10 people over a period of nearly 30 years.

The advancement of technology requires a constant evolution of laws. The latest, conducted by the U.S. government to ban the use of drones in national parks, in addition to the recently imposed in Argentina in order to protect the privacy of citizens, and in this case, is intended to prevent these devices interfere with the natural life.

And we end with the third certainly girt by the renewed Alicate, taking advantage of exploitation of a vulnerability that allowed a group of learners to take phone numbers and even to send notifications and messaging users ‘Yo’ application, a new category of contextual messaging tool, which jumped to media having raised over a million dollars and have more than 50,000 active users. By the way, in case you were wondering, all ‘Yo’ did (at least without use of the flaw) this app is to send the message 'Yo' to your contacts.

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