Saturday, May 17, 2014

We are our worst vulnerability and our best antivirus

"In the web we are our worst vulnerability, but we are also our best antivirus". One of those phrases that come every day to work @_Angelucho_, a strong advocate of IT security, great companion of this medium, and that together with numerous partners formed X1RedMasSegura, an event aimed at the general public (not professionals only), which already has its second edition, and held these days in the auditorium of the School of Telecommunication Engineering (ETSIT) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. What can not attend? No matter, for it has enabled streaming available on the link that accompanies this post.

What is and what net neutrality means? Does it affect everyone equally? Why back in the news today? All these questions (and some more) are answered in the mini tutorial from ITespresso been prepared for the occasion. One issue of concern, which will mark the future of digital information, and therefore of human knowledge.

After the first quarter of 2014, touches make the respective market research. Referring to computer security, it is interesting to note that according to the report from Trend Micro, 76% of cyber attacks were aimed at governmental organizations. A very superior to other targets (7% for industry and 5% for telcos), and pointing to an unprecedented increase both hacktivists as spy between countries figure.

Recently we talked about the importance of managing security and not just behind closed doors, but all over the neighborhood where we are. Useless securize our services if ISP is a simple white. And that it has been confirmed today with the publication of several exploits affecting a large group of brands of modems and load balancers, using public SNMP queries.

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