Sunday, May 11, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (XXIV)

What do they have in common DNS protocols, the Soccer World Cup and Shanghai students? Apparently nothing, but beside Heartbleed, these are the top topics past week from the clicks you have done on shared links. These are your readings.

Can you imagine that any of the pages you are visiting day by day were anything but what you think? Well that is exactly what some researchers warned at the very start of the week: a flaw in the DNS protocols, which are the very basis of our current web experience, enabling IP adresses interpreted as URL addresses and vice versa. It was the main topic last week and no wonder: potentially all (ie: ALL), Internet users are at risk. The post where CIGTR realized that news ("Just forget it"), has also been one of the most visited links these seven days.

But make no mistake. We may get so serious on Information Security, but soccer has no rivals when attention is the key issue. Bad guys know it, so... how could they miss the opportunity about Brazil 2014 fever to be immediately unleashed? Be aware with "soccer" passion, a bad click at a bad time could turn it into a nightmare.

Evils are sometimes simple pranks. But beware, who starts changing the notes of a group of physical education students, may end up... Well, we are all responsible here. Don’t blame it always on the name of the "black hats". For example: if you are a web site that must renew their certificates after HeartBleed, and you go ahead using the same private key as before, you have much of the blame. And like you there are 30,000 websites. If you are not beware, you forget  that criminals are lurking behind you, whether you like it or not.


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