Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Big Cibersecurity Circus

"There was a circus that always gladdened the heart, full of color, world of illusion, full of joy and emotion." We begin today's post with this very popular song by the great Spanish clown Miliki to give you the warmest welcome to... The Big Cybersecurity Circus!

Among our audience today we have people from the two industries most targeted by cybercrime, the financial and the energy ones. At least, they are according to a study by ThreatTrack Security in which 72% of respondents within these sectors said they thought their companies would suffer a cyber attack in the next 12 months. Welcome! Things begin!

I present to you our magician, "Latarbán, the Credit Card Thief". Our "Latarbán" is able to steal your credit card’s data by 10 different ways: Pickpocketing it, accessing your bank accounts through information you shared on social networks or even tricking you by a phone call.

Now say hello to the most ruthless beast born in the furthest corner of Earth. I present to you "DDoS, The Website Demolisher". Keep your websites far away from this creature or it will shut them down as it did with the Brazilian site of StubHub ticketing website last tuesday, where tickets were being sold for the World Cup.

Here it is our next show, "Foolishso, the clown." "Foolishco" has robbed a UK guy’s mobile, but what he doesn’t know is that the man installed a security app which will hiddenly take a photo of him when he enters a wrong PIN code. The phone will send this picture by e-mail to its owner so he can report it to the police. "Foolishco" must run, now Essex Police is chasing him.

This is about to end! The Big Cybersecurity Circus is honored to present our trapeze artists, coming from France, Les Orangines. Their show is very difficult and risky. They are in charge of cybersecurity for Orange France. They have to protect the personal information of millions of customers and they’ve already had two breaches this year. 1.3 million users were hit in the last one on 18th April. Please, keep silence or they may lose concentration.

Thank you all, ladies and gentlemen! We hope you enjoyed our show today. To keep this good memory forever we will give you a collection of cybersecurity and cybercrime infographics gathered together by Hacksurfer. Look for them among the links below. Goodbye!


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