Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some good news and other bad ones for security

There is a saying in Spanish that literally says “one of sand and one of lime”, which somehow means “one good with another bad (thing).” This is the way news about cybersecurity and cybercrime come today.

On one hand, it has been discovered a new banking Trojan that blends features from the infamous Zeus and Carberp. Zberp, that's how they have called, targets customers of 450 financial institutions worldwide. However, on the other hand, the French and Bulgarian police in coordination with Europol have conducted a joint operation to put an end to a Bulgarian gang which cloned credit cards and used them to steal money from the associated bank accounts. Named as Operation Eco, it has resulted in the arrest of 11 members of such criminal group.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., they are very concerned about attacks on the SCADA systems of critical infrastructure such as telecommunications systems, water treatment plants, power stations, satellite communications, etc. In fact, in an exercise carried out by the government, a group of hackers gained access to a utility’s network and perpetrated a cyber attack that caused an electrical generator’s motor self-destruction. Nevertheless, the FBI has been helped by an arrested hacker named Hector Xavier Monsegur for several years since he was arrested in 2011. His collaboration has been essential to repel more than 300 cyber attacks against the U.S. government’s institutions and private sector. Therefore, law enforcement have asked the judge to leniency him in court.

The last two events that we are going to tell you could be seen by some people both as bad things. On the one hand, it was discovered that WordPress servers send a key browser cookie in plain text, following the user’s identification. The cookie could be intercepted by a third party to access the administration panel of the blog, even bypassing two-factor authentication. On the other hand, the groups of pressure on the respect for intellectual property rights must be very happy with the closure of the web Torrentz.eu, one of the most important search engines for torrent files that provide access to illegal downloads of movies, music and pirated software. Although, as we have said, more than one will see it as bad news rather than as good ones.

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