Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Labour Day for all of those who work hard in the cybersecurity field

Thomas Edison, one of the most brilliant inventors in history, said “there is no substitute for hard work.” Therefore, in this Labour Day, the CIGTR’s team want to recognize the efforts of all you who struggle everyday to make the Internet a more secured place.

Congratulations to all those that seek the weaknesses of systems and devices so they can be fixed. For example, the systems that control traffic lights and electronic traffic signs. As you can see in today's video, Cesar Cerrudo from IOActive has found a way to easily hack them. He will explain their findings at the Infiltrate Security Conference in fifteen days.

We also want to congratulate the people who had the idea to deploy the Facebook’s ‘anonymous mode’. Now users can use the social network’s apps without let them access their personal information. Definitely a good idea to protect their privacy.

Today is also a day to shake the hand to all professionals who not only care about creating the most robust and secure systems, but also think about the usability for the end user. A system that requires you to have to a smartphone to let you log in is useless if you have none or it ran out of battery, for example. In this sense, in TrendLabs they argue that we are not ready yet to live in a world without passwords, even though we know they are not the safest method to protect an account.

Enjoy this day off so you can go back to your place of work full of energy and fresh ideas tomorrow.


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