Saturday, May 10, 2014

Get in the ring, hackers

Welcome to the most important e-Boxing evening in recent years! At one side, with a completely freaky look, Cyber Security! At the other, and with decades of experience, The Comfort Zone! Let the battle begin. Seconds out!

By now you know that cybersecurity is a fight that is fought daily. But sometimes the worst enemies are not out there, they are not the "hackers" but those who practice a kind of friendly fire, without awareness. So our first "intimate enemies" are comfort and ignorance. Because only convenience or ignorance can be attributed to the fact that 7 out of 100 websites that have reissued their certificates after the Heartbleed "black hole", they have reissued them... using the same private key. We are at the Round 1 and Cyber Security boxer has got his nose dislocated. Timeout.

Pugilists jump again on the box but now "The Comfort Zone" has usability fighting gloves put on. And in the e-Boxing that is like increasing the risk three times. Exactly the ammount of passwords you have to your Facebook account, without your knowledge. Did you also thought you had just one? Well, no, because you have at least three. And apparently that is to avoid failures on the keyboard, such as mistyping due to blocking case. Round 2 is ending, and huge pain in the ribs and jaw is added to dislocated nose.

Cyber Security boxer wants to get its share, but his coach asks encouraged. Come on! So we jump againg in the box with him and this time... "The Comfort Zone" has become thousands, hundreds of thousands of users who prefer to watch movies for free more tan paid. Which is neither good nor bad, but it's something that should be done on certain pages coveted because of high traffic and reputation. So they are also the object of desire for cybercriminals. And there are a lot of backdoors to infect users, some of them as basic as advertising, which is what its supposed to be behind mythical Demonoid web. At least this time our friend in the ring could stop a header and has placed the sign "Danger: malware".

After three rounds, Cyber Security is exhausted. And when the coach is going to throw in the towel, they come out from the audience some of the best known ethical hackers in Spain, to say that thing: "you can not alone, but with friends". And they get in the ring for a Hangout, hand on hand with Hangout On, to discuss ethical hacking.

It mainly depends on you who will win last assault. Differences between boxing ring and Internet are that first is sports, and second is day by day. Protect yourself, get updated, share and reshare. It is on our hands to make up an habitable Internet :-)


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