Friday, May 2, 2014

A vulnerability with an explorer's soul

“I’m a explorer”. This is how the Indian actor Waris Ahluwalia describes himself. Are you also keen on discovering new places, knowledge, experiences...?

In fact, today, we are all a bit of explorers, at least when we go into the jungle of Internet. However, instead of maps and binoculars, our main tool is some of the web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The latter was used by almost 1 out of 2 users in April, according to data from Netmarketshare. For this reason, it is especially serious the 0-Day vulnerability reported last weekend that affects all versions of the program. In fact, according to FireEye, such bug was already being exploited through maliciously crafted Flash files created to hit users IE9, IE10 and IE11 in both Windows 7 and Windows 8 across different industries. Now attacks against IE8 users on Windows XP have been also detected.

Therefore it is not surprising that Microsoft has been fast to release a security update which fixes the bug in all versions of Internet Explorer, even those for Windows XP, despite its official support ended on April 8. Do not get used to this anyway! Microsoft stated that this is only an exception.

So now you know explorers! Let’s update Internet Explorer before it's too late!


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