Thursday, April 17, 2014

With proper precautions, long life Social Media

The six seconds of any Vine video have become the equivalent of 30-second spots in the era of Web 2.0. In this new era, user attention window is 7 seconds, even lower than fishes one, which lasts 8 seconds.

That’s said on the latest video from Erik Qualman (Socialnomics), one of the essential references of the Social Media scene. In just 3 minutes and 18 seconds, it gives us plenty of data to understand the scope of social media today. We echoed 2013 edition of this video (, with some considerations that are still OK: “Although it is not #Infosec as such (…) What information is given, where and when shared is crucial in an industry that is constantly growing. Take note the current figures of the “Social Media”, that give us clues as to how far we should make a prudent use of our, moreover, beneficial social presence.”

Qualman’s video is kinda summary of Socialnomics book which can be purchased on Amazon. Reports’ Holy Thursday: our next stop on this “Easter security procession” is the huge Annual Security Report (all types of security), published by the Esys Foundation. Nearly 50 of its 284 pages are specifically dedicated to cybersecurity, pivoting on two groups: small and large companies.
Without leaving Social Media, and given as proof of the risks we must conjure there, Facebook has removed the page from a Muslim preacher who, among other things, invited to kill 300 U.S. politicians. As with technology, media are not good or bad, it depends on the uses made of them. For example, the same technology that betrays us and allows intelligence agencies to spy on our lives, it also serves to protect “squalers” from spying. Have you ever wondered how Snowden has made to not to be caught? Well, he uses an operating system called TAILS, behind which you could find the NSA herself. Ironic, isn’t it?
Anyway, you will not get great risks if you decide to share our posts ;-) So join the “Qualman was” and become social, always with due precautions. At the right, on the sidebar, you have got the links to our social media profiles. You can also sindicate our posts, and even vote them or leave your comment.


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