Sunday, April 27, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (XXII)

A defragmented internet, malware campaigns for iOS and Android, the sex video of Miley Cyrus and the value it provides security on Big Data. The five top post this week, directly in the Sunday compilation.

Situations as unlikely as the intense scrutiny that intelligence agencies like NSA have been performing with Internet traffic reopen the talk about the possible fragmentation of the network. This time, Turkey, which threatens to create their own, abandoning the "www" with "ttt".

The malware continues to be lord and master of the black market. This is demonstrated by the three new campaigns of this type of software that are attacking iOS devices with jailbroken, the other remote access Trojan (RAT) that would affect Android, in order to use its processing Litecoins mine, and on the other Facebook accounts with the alleged sex tape Miley Cyrus. Beware of these three!

"Reality Check on #BigData Analysis for Cybersecurity and Fraud" is the name that Gartner has put his new study, and which reveals the main are finding value in Big Data to streamline business operations, and therefore more effectively fight against fraud.

Top five topics of the week. News Five drinking from the same source. The business that are behind the theft.


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