Sunday, April 13, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (XX)

NSA Comedy videos, hacking airline tickets, Yahoo and safety, OpenSSL and fraud in Google Play. The five top post this week by the Sunday collection.

The NSA remains objective of all eyes. Since it became known that the U.S. intelligence agency has been spying global communications have not stopped arise videos that humorously satirized their work. An example of this is the people of viral CollegeHumor: If Google were a boy.

Can you imagine traveling for free anywhere in the world? With something like that you have to dream because this hacker, who claims to have found a way to cheat the system Validation tickets with the app Passbook, and present its finding at Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam.
Yahoo remains obsessed with security, reads the title of this article, among the top rated of the week. And it’s no wonder, with the implementation of the default HTTPS protocol all communications via Yahoo Mail and search services.
If we were to talk about a TOP news of the week, no doubt this would be the vulnerability found in theOpenSSL protocol. One of the most serious vulnerabilities to date, affecting two-thirds of all world servers, and although it has been patched, requires a series of measures to prevent exploitation.
And just talking about Google and especially its application market, you just point a bit with removing a new fraud hidden under an antivirus application that had sneaked into the top of downloads.
Top five topics of the week. Five News who drink from the same source. The securize the need for services, and provide legal remedies when not met.
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