Saturday, April 26, 2014

The responsibility for our actions in the third

"The positions of responsibility to make the most eminent yet eminent men, and vile, vile and small". One of the most famous statements of the writer Jean de la Bruyère, we recover in advance of the articles linked.

Responsibility. That quality necessary for the good future of our society, and with interest bordering on the personal aspirations of each. This is how Javier Cao wondering how long we can look the other way, without stopping to discuss infoethics new technology. In a scenario where the analysis of large volumes of data has become our daily bread, the boundaries of reality are marked solely the responsibility of the use made of.

Chema Alonso explores this time other responsibility, government agencies, doing a chronological journey with security flaws more pronounced in the information age, and how these agencies have been able to be involved.

Responsibility that affects the whole netizen, as seen in the SegurInfo Argentina study recently published on the use we give to Internet and greatest evils facing us from the point of view of the user. What do we use the network? What and where we tend to share? How much trust we place in service of others? A current radiograph of our habits and our fears.

And we finished with the review of Biteye, a software created by Gonzajo J. Carracedo and directed to computer security experts, graphically offering a compendium of methods of analysis low-level file that will surely surprise more than one.

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