Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stay tuned and keep watch

”Stay tuned and keep watch, because you know not the day nor the hour”. Mateo 25,1. A statement that reminds us how weak (and lucky) that we are to be able to be playing in this game. And a statement that usually observed without fail in the world of computer security.

So much so that Oscar Navarro wonders if indeed the end of support for Windows XP will bring some security problems that otherwise would not have. It refers to those critical systems that give us much respect: industrial control systems. An infrastructure that usually take years and years to work the same way, using Windows XP as a base, and whose continuous patches have not been applied. The end of support from Microsoft only affects those who allowed their system to update each patch, unfortunately being an action that is necessary, it need not have been usual.

Be vigilant, both users and cybercriminals, for the hour comes to us all. And it arrived on Friday a group of scammers using the Zeus malware to steal banking credentials. It is estimated that this group, composed of individuals from different countries, remained one of the largest networks of financial malware in history, with thousands of infected devices and accounts.
Open your eyes and look the words, then not know who may be listening. In the video accompanying the article Israeli security researcher Guy Aharonovsky shows that with two simple visual tricks, can prevent the user realizes that the microphone is active and transmitting into an open Chrome browser page.
That is why the work of these professionals is so important to prevent greater evils occur. If you’ve found some kind of vulnerability is good time to make it public by sending a paper the next Navajas Negras Congress. The deadline for applications is now open, and will be held in the city of Albacete on 2, 3 and October 4.
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