Saturday, April 5, 2014

Skills acquired

”Acquire habits from young which is not unimportant. It has an absolute importance”. With these words, Aristotle pointed out the need to inculcate the “hacker” philosophy since childhood, creating in the minds of the young the pleasure to learn and test.

And this should it feel right Kristoffer Von Hassel, a child 5 years U.S. has managed to crack the access father profile in Xbox. The eagerness to enjoy some of the games that the father had closed password took the child to try a thousand and one ways until he found a really disturbing exploit: writing space request confirming default password validation. Microsoft is already aware, it has been fixed, and has been commissioned to promote information security interest of this child by giving him several games, some money and a one-year subscription to their services.
Because all commit blunders, but problems like these pass the test to which the products are subject throws into question the reliability of these. XatakaMovil talks some of the most vulnerabilities in the history of mobile devices. From massive data collection open to the known double “goto fail” that allowed to make a single man in the middle to any Apple device.
Are you still using Windows XP? Last week we wrote a special Microsoft, and between the linked articles, we discussed how to best protect it. If for any reason you can not upgrade to a higher version, you know thatTuesday the latest security patch releases of SO. A more than required, and that thereafter, 0days patch appear to be no longer protected.
And we end with a story that never ceases to amaze. Cybercrime find every day new ways to monetize. The last, DDoS ransomware, that is, launch denial of service requiring a ransom to stop them. The evolution of the virus from the police to the cloud and our digital services, kidnapping not the data, the communication channels.

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