Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sheriffs of the Internet

Harsh, implacable, and always willing to keep the evildoers away from their people. Here’s how Hollywood described the figure of Sheriff in its westerns.
Nowadays every company has its own sheriff, a person responsible for keeping ‘cyberbandits’ away from its employees. But instead of a gun, that person uses computer security systems and data analytics to fight the bad boys. It is here where Big Data enter the scene. According to Gartner’s report “Reality Check on Big Data Analytics for Cybersecurity and Fraud”Big Data analytics gives businesses faster access to relevant information for them which means time and money saving when tackling cybercrime and fraud.
However, sheriffs of small businesses (when there is some), usually have scarcity of resources to combat most of the security problems they have to face. According to the UK’s Federation of Small Businesses (FSB),the risks of cybercrime and online fraud cost small businesses in that country up to 4,000 pounds a year. As an example, we can analyze the recent Heartbleed vulnerability on the OpenSSL library. Two out of one hundred top million websites in the world, have not yet solved such security breach.
One of the consequences of the Heartbleed flaw is the potential looting of credentials. Precisely stolen passwords are used by hackers in 2 out of 3 attacks to access the organizations’ networks and systems in order to steal information, according to “2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report”.
Another threat that both corporate sheriffs and every of us have to face is the new version of the P2P Zeus banking trojan which includes a rootkit driver to make it almost impossible to remove itfrom the infected computer. A nightmare for those who access their online bank accounts. And we’ll see how more threats like this will adapt to mobile devices as the number of mobile payment systems – like the one that Apple is preparing - increases.
You know, whether you have or not a cyber-sheriff around you, you must be very careful with all the threats of the Internet. If you want to be informed of them all, the best way to do is following the CIGTR through our several channels and also here, on our blog.
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