Friday, April 4, 2014

Looking for a job? As we all know the situation is terrible now, it is very difficult to get a job, but repeating it over and over again is useless. How about turning around your way of thinking? What if you catch up with Information Security? Because there is a lot of work on that field. A lot!

Can you imagine a politician talking on camera with casual look, using a clear and direct language, without jargon or gimmicky formulas of any kind? The Israeli Minister of Economy does not only imagine it, he does it. He has its own channel on Youtube, where he published around 300 videos. On one of the last videos, we can see him inviting security engineers around the world to settle in Beersheba, “the next world capital of cybersecurity”, thanks to a technology park that gathers military, college students and some of the most important companies in the sector.
So if you really want a chance, you might find it there. Or maybe in San Diego, California, where, as we told you here a few days ago, it is estimated that employment grows up to 25% this year. The starting point is 6,600 jobs directly related to the field with an annual economic impact estimated at $ 1.5 billion. So it’s up to you: at the moment you have two possible destinations. If your doubt now is which of the two, you’ve already started to get going.
There are jobs indeed, but you cannot show off traditional values. At Mozilla, for instance, its latest CEO has lasted just two weeks. It didn’t anything to do with his knowledge or skills but with his personal opinion on the issue of gay marriage: he is against it, which has caused a storm complaints from the user community.
Indeed everything has its dark side. There are jobs, but as a sector grows, it creates the hypeas explained by several guest authors on the prestigious digital publishing Trip Wire. Along with the hype, they come some unscrupulous people who seek to do business at the expense of the engineers’ hopes. One of the fake employment networks operating in Hyderabad (India) has just been dismantled. So get the truth about who hires you, and if you do not trust him, report him to the authorities. Stand up to offline scammers like you do online.
Of course, when we look beyond the “crisis”, there is no doubt, it has to be lots of jobs in this sector. Only the latest news from China about Android’s world gives us a clue: the worst malware known to date, which is installed in the boot files so no matter what the user does the malware is still there, has been patched by some Chinese engineers. Next one in putting an end to a threat could be you. So… Do you really want a job? Get going! Right now!
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