Saturday, April 19, 2014

Judges and satellites

"Four characteristics correspond to the judge: Listen politely respond wisely and prudently decide impartially weigh”. Four characteristics that reflect the work of the judiciary. 
And four are also the functions of coverage. 4 FC’s all computer expert has to meet in an expert report. What they do not know which are? As I say, in the article that accompanies these words explain one to one.
Will there be anything not vulnerable to hackers? Increasingly. Latest, the communications satellitesused by the military, government and industry, which are sensitive to attacks such as man in the middle, which allows attackers to intercept and even modify them. And do not talk only of terrorist groups, but a perfect medium for espionage.
Vulnerabilities that affect both large and small. For the average consumer, one of the most pressing problems are the scams involving bank accounts, and although it is difficult to formulate the recipe to cover all possible cases, we can apply some considerations to know if we’re being hacked. Namely, common sense, regularly consult our operations, and use the bank for a reliable channel in case something does not square we.
And we end with compendium of best practices for Java developers. The CERT has released a manual for programming high value considering the safety of the final product. Over twenty chapters that cover the most common attacks and how to avoid or at least reduce its scope.
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