Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday concessions

”Father, into your hands I commend my spirit”, quotes a psalm of these appointed feasts, and it seems that also resorted large Twitter accounts.

Everything starts with an investigation by a security expert, this time @Blackploit, on service useinflation followers on microblogging network. There are 5 different services, all from the same manager, and each offering its own way a free version of 100 new followers daily to fill you change the timeline of spam, or 1000 per day if you choose to pay. The strange thing is that using a newly created account, and subscribing to the free version, has made accounts like @ladygaga, @britneyspears, @BarackObama will follow his. Coincidence?
Another study, this time from Germany’s University of Göttingen, reveals a promising project: Malheur, aMachine Learning system automatically categorizes malware, and is able to locate mutations. A start to the new age of antivirus, now not only will benefit the inestimable value of the cloud as a system of sharing real-time database of new virus, but learn from previous discoveries, trying to anticipate what might come .
Safety matters, and with initiatives such as Google, the Internet gateway to more than half the world, give preference in their ranking algorithms to those that enable secure connection versus those that do not have. A decision taken out subtly affect search results, and encourage managers of pages necessary to take this step.
And finish with some tips for securing communications company from iOS devices. Namely, implementing an MDM and BYOD study, be aware of the updates, awareness on the proper use of social networks to employees, use the passcode and ensure reliable connections WIFI.

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