Thursday, April 3, 2014

“Cybercriminals, leave me alone!”

When did you feel peaceful for the last time? It is difficult to reach that inner harmony without being disturbed, right? Every day is full of conflicts, problems and complex situations.
Despite all its positive points, the Internet and technology in general can also become a source of battle. Surely those bank customers in the Middle East who were affected by an Android botnet, that has already infected 2,700 smartphones through disguised electronic banking apps, will be very angry if the cybercriminals behind this scheme have finally managed to take everything from their bank accounts.

In fact, e-banking and ATMs are a security nightmare for banks. Therefore, the U.S. Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council urges banking sector to keep working to mitigate fraud at ATMs and distributed denial of service attacks against their public-facing websites.
Meanwhile, the wheel of justice keeps on turning. At least we can have a bit of peace since two members of an international fraud and identity theft operation who tried to steal at least $15 million are already in jail.Both pleaded guilty, but they will have to wait until July for the sentencing hearing.
However, it is incredible how calm Spanish SMEs are about the end of Windows XP support in 5 days time.According to Microsoft, 30% of them do not even have thought of what they will do when that happens. Of course, the software giant has highlighted the possible risks involved when working with an outdated operating system.
Maybe the risks for Windows XP are not clearly perceived yet today because they have not been detected ongoing threats against unpatched security breaches. But of course, the users of Oracle’s Java cloud services must be quite nervous. Polish researchers have reported up to 30 vulnerabilities being exploited that the company has not addressed yet.
It is also difficult to achieve harmony when you realize that your personal data has been distributed over the Internet. That’s what has happened to the 158,000 users of the online TV service Boxee’s forum, acquired by Samsung a year ago.
Therefore, the best remedy to avoid cyberthreats disturbing the peace of your day is being cautious. Be careful when you install applications, always keep your software updated, check if an ATM has been tampered before withdrawing money, use strong passwords and change them regularly, etc. And of course, always keep yourself informed about these issues through our different channels and our blog.
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