Monday, April 21, 2014

Cibercriminals can make your return to work even tougher

Come on! Wake up! Stop whining in front of the screen. We know that Easter holidays are too short and getting back to work on Monday is doubly tough, but think that it is much worse for teachers.
According to a survey by the NASUWT teachers’ union in U.K., more than one in five teachers suffered adverse comments on social networks. A quarter of those insults come from the parents of the students, but have been even detected attacks from students as young as seven years old. Many of those offensive messages include photos or videos taken without the consent of the victim. This situation is causing different effects on teachers, from loss of confidence to health problems.
Perhaps, issues like the one mentioned above could be taken by Turkey’s Government as an excuse to set aside the World Wide Web and create their own local network. After blocking some social networks like Twitter or Youtube, which was contrary to the law according to several Turkish courts, Erdogan’s government came with another “great” idea. Of course, they argue security reasons to legitimate such system, not the impossibility of imposing strict censorship over a global network such as the Internet.
How would this “disconnection” from the world affect banks and ATMs operating in Turkey? Maybe it’s something to take into consideration if the government of the Anatolian peninsula finally develops its plans. At the moment, concerns are focuses on a new malware called NeoPocket, through which cybercriminals have already plundered several ATMs. Infection takes place via USB, so the thieves need physical access to the ATM ports.
If banks become victims to malware despite their security efforts, users are even much more likely to get infected. No matter if you are using an iPhone or an Android handset. Recently a malware campaign, presumably from China, has been detected to compromise credentials to access Apple ID on jailbroken iPhones. Meanwhile, it has been discovered a variant of the Java Remote Access Trojan (RAT) “UNRECOM” for Android which is being distributed attached to a malicious spam campaign. But some dangers are threatening Facebook users as well. For instance, a fraudulent publication on such social network related to an alleged scandal video of Miley Cyrus is going viral throughout Facebook. Users are tricked to click on a link to access a malicious website.
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