Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Watch your suede shoes when browsing the Internet

Watch your suede shoes when browsing the Internet

Imagine that the Internet is a street full of puddles and you are wearing suede shoes. Moving along it can be a nightmare if you want to reach your destination without damaging your shoes.

To avoid any problem, you would better have changed your outfit before leaving home. Well, Twitter is doing something like that. Given the possibility that some user accounts have been compromised by third-party applications, Twitter is sending messages asking them to reset their passwords for different ones.

It would also be wise to check your home router’s DNS, since Team Cymru warned of an attack that could have redirected 300,000 routers from different brands to the attackers’ DNS, exposing them to different threats. By the way, speaking of routers, a team of British researchers have succeeded in developing a virus called "Chameleon" that spreads through WiFi networks between access points. If cybercriminals are able to develop such malware, Internet would become a street full of puddles in motion.

However, maybe you are one of those who prefer to take a taxi. In that case, be very careful when using debit cards if you're in Chicago. First American Bank warns about a security breach that would affect customers who pay a ride by card.

Nevertheless,  if you choose to continue on foot and it starts raining, you're doomed. Nobody can save your shoes. In this sense, meetup.com suffered three heavy showers in form of DDoS attacks since last Thursday, resulting in repeated shut downs of its website. At least, they can be proud of not having negotiated with the criminals who requested them $ 300.

For children, Internet is not just a flooded road hazards, but a whole sea of ​​threats. They do not need a raincoat but a lifeboat. Therefore, 60 law enforcement experts from twenty different countries have met for learning more about online research tools, videos and images computer forensics or tracking emails, so that they can drive better the fight against crimes in the Internet whose victims are children, such as child pornography or sexual harassment.


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