Sunday, March 30, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (XVIII)

Lawsuits and complaints related to the digital world, persuasive technology, ATMs and SMS attacked vulnerabilities in Office and Outlook. The five top post this week by the Sunday collection.

Internet is a difficult battle to control. While the last movement of governments and companies go together creating joint alliances for legislate the third environment. An environment that calls for more privacy, security, and a judicial system.

Situations like this until recently Microsoft Word exploit that allowed an attacker to take control of the system by inviting the victim to open a malicious RTF. Or directly obtaining money from a ATM controlled Windows XP.

Security flaws that usually require some action by the customer, easily manipulated, as we saw in techniques Persuasive Technology and Social Engineering.
And sometimes, the abuse clauses set by social media, as we have seen this week with France launched the complaint against the management that Facebook, Twitter and Google make our personal data.

Top five topics of the week. Five News who drink from the same source. The securize the need for services, and provide legal remedies when not met.


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