Monday, March 17, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (XVI)

Requests for security experts, cyberbullying suicides, trojans broadcast on Facebook, Justin Bieber hacked and security of free operating systems to owners. The five top post this week by the Sunday collection.

Security is an issue that concerns both large companies and SMEs. And this is demonstrated with increased more than twice as many jobs for security experts. In any case superior to any other IT subsector, with an average of $ 93,000 according to a study of the technology company human resources Burning Glass Technologies Increase.

Does powerless to access your files not that enough? The same is the protagonist of the next sad story, a man aged 36 whose computer was infected by a virus ransomware asking you to pay a fine of 21,000 euros alleged, or end up 11 years in prison have thought. Unfortunately, he saw only way out was to kill her son and commit suicide. A warning and not only the danger of the virus, but the importance of new technologies have taken the lives of people.

That many of these attacks were supported by the power of social networking is a fact. The latest: zipped malware that is downloaded with a Facebook campaign. Remember never a social network and an advertising campaign you will be asked to download a file. Neither companies nor celebrities. Justin Bieber's account was recently hacked used to send recommendations to download a malicious app.

Just one of the news once again demonstrate the benefits of free software. Earlier this week knew a security breach affecting Linux distributions. An hour later, he had already released a patch. An example for proprietary systems like Windows or Mac OS.


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