Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The gavel of justice hovers over Internet

Aristotle said “the virtue of justice consists in moderation, as regulated by wisdom.” Therefore our judges should make a great exercise of moderation and wisdom to settle all that is upon them.

On the one hand, the class action lawsuit filed by a group of banks against retailer Target and security company Trustwave for the data breach suffered by the company in December which exposed the payment card information of 40 million customers.

On the other hand, the lawsuit that the French consumer association UFC Que Choisir has announced against Facebook, Twitter and Google, for a number of clauses incorporated by these companies in their terms of use which are considered unfair or unlawful by such organization.

Judges in China will also find a difficult task to judge the 1,500 individuals who were recently arrested in connection to a criminal scheme that delivered 200 million SMS spam messages.

But tens of thousand people related to all kinds of attacks, scams and fraud on the Internet still remain uncatched. For example, those who create fake traffic by bots to obtain advertising benefits from fraudulent visits to certain websites. Mentioning Comscore’s data, the IAB estimates that the volume of artificially created data traffic on the Internet accounts for about 36% of the U.S. total Internet traffic.

But there are also those cybercriminals using the infamous Gameover ZeuS trojan to seize login credentials from users of popular employment website Monster. Once their computers are infected and they try to access that site, an identical page to the original one will pop up, but the username and password introduced by the user will be sent to the attackers.

To address all of the threats mentioned earlier, a lot of well-prepared professionals will be required. However, it is expected that very soon the demand exceeds the supply. For this reason, both private firms and governments are working with universities to fill the gap in cybersecurity training.


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