Saturday, March 1, 2014

Terror to imaginary horrors

You have to see what William Shakespeare would think of the current market for personal data. Perhaps then resort to his famous quote: ”Visible dangers frighten us unless imaginary horrors”.


A statement that seems tailor-made for the situation in which we find ourselves. With eyes fixed on the RSA conference this week, we spend almost a danger even closer: GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), the British NSA, fraudulently obtained during 2008 (at least up to now) taken with a webcam of millions of Yahoo users images. The code name, “Optic Nevre”, which had to deal with the internal slippage facilitated by the use of GCHQ workers gave the explicit content images, and apparently became so overcrowded (without any purpose).

Scrambled for instant messaging, WhatsApp with Facebook bought, a Telegram trying to take off, a Line that augmented their share, and even Bittorrent Chat times that we were promised. Is there room for one more? It seems so, because TOR has just announced that is immersed in a new messaging system based on the characteristic of this service routing, and therefore, would be intended to secure and anonymous communications.

Inspiration comes from anywhere, even a game of Guild Wars 2. Have you ever struck you how these mafias mine virtual gold in online games farm day and night? The use of bots is the answer. And how these bots are able to locate the enemy and kill them? Based attacks with specific system dictionaries. A technique that @nodoraiz explains carefully, and has great potential to exploit passwords in desktop applications.

We ended up with a topic that affects us all: applications of in-app purchases. A technique monetization totally legal priori, being investigated closely by the European Commission. The trigger, a few unscrupulous companies that have some application development for children and youth and immoral tactics of deception that these purchases occur without adult intervention.


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