Saturday, March 29, 2014

Special 25th anniversary of Microsoft Spain

"We are not a sprinter but not a marathon runner". With these words Eric Boustouller, president of Microsoft Europe, was beginning the 25th anniversary of the company in Spain, noting the profound transformation that has occurred in recent years in the way people consume the software (and therefore in the business of technology).

It therefore fulfills an important date for the big M, and the CIGTR, didn't want to pass up the opportunity with this special with the latest news involving Microsoft in the world of computer security.

We begin with Ploutus, a Trojan whose first version was known for almost a year with the name of Backdoor.Ploutus, and today again whip cyberspace, especially in Latin American area. It has a terrifyingly effective role: lets you take money from an ATM. For its operation, it is necessary, though, to have physical access to the terminal, where a USB (or use a smartphone) is connected. The new version works with codes sent via SMS (although still requires physical access), and it is feared that this is over by early death massification compatibility with Windows XP, present in 90% of current machines.

For gentlemen, Windows XP support will not receive the April 8. An understandable decision (talk about an operating system that has been with us for over a decade), and that could jeopardize the integrity of much of the public and private administrations (estimated to still have a market share of 29.53%, according to Net Applications) What is the main danger? For 0 days prepared for months and without being used even expecting Microsoft to stop support, in order to monetize as soon as the date is met.

Do we have to protect ourselves? Of course, to upgrade to a current version of Windows. Unfortunately, this is easy to say but difficult to implement in a service running (incompatibilities with the software used, perhaps a considerable expense that the company is not ready to face ...). Therefore, welivesecurity offer five tips that while not solve the problem, minimizing the risk: Back up, make sure we are up to date with all updates, both OS and the software we use, disconnect all those terminals that do not really need internet access and install a good antivirus suite.

We ended with an announcement that we all hope that come true. After the controversy following the announcement that Microsoft spied the emails of users to find the culprit of the leak Company, the company has said that from now this measure taken by police order, and not by their own.


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