Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cocktail of interesting events

Cocktail of interesting events

What do Burgos and Madrid have in common today? That CIGTR will be covering one significant event in each of the cities.

In Madrid, the Rooted CON 2014 starts today, a meeting point for everyone interested in the cybersecurity field. There knowledge sharing will be encouraged and the enormous capacity of Spanish-speaking professionals will be claimed. From today until Saturday afternoon, we will keep you informed of everything that is happening there through our Twitter. Besides, from tomorrow until Sunday, our daily posts will become the best chronicle of these days.

In addition, starting today, iRedes will make Burgos the forum where 450 professional of communications will exchange views on the state of social media, digital content and the Internet business. We will also tell you everything that happens there on our Twitter.

Surely, those attending both meetings will discuss issues that are off the agenda. For example, the threat report for the second half of 2013 by F-Secure. According to it, web-based attacks doubled compared to the first six months of the year and came to represent 26% of detections made by that security company.

Another issue that some people may talk about in both events will be the increase in criminal activity in the Tor network. Sergey Lozhkin, from Kaspersky Lab, stated that they found about 900 online services in the network, which already has about 5,500 nodes. Undoubtedly, the possibility to hide their criminal activities thanks to Tor is attracting more and more criminals.

No doubt the news that will not go unnoticed is that some new Android devices of a number of different brands are being sold in U.S. with pre-installed malware. It is suspected that the installation is not carried out by manufacturers, but by some retailers. These apps send user’s passwords and financial information to servers in Russia.

In a chat over coffee, the protagonist of the talks will likely be the CIA. According to the New York Times, officials from the U.S. intelligence agency would have hacked the US Senate Intelligence Committee’s computers to discover what documents the oversight committee has got about its polemic procedures regarding alleged terrorists.

We finish recalling you that tomorrow we will publish here the highlights of today's sessions at Rooted CON 2014.


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