Sunday, February 23, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (XIV)

The SEA making the rounds on Twitter and Forbes, the foundations of security, how to hack a company and the price of your personal data. The five top post this week by the Sunday collection.

We began the week with the victory of FC Barcelona 0-2 Manchester, and hacking his Twitter account by the Syrian Electronic Army, where the allegedly warned unconstitutional practices of one of its sponsors, and greeted warmly at Real Madrid.

And we ended with news of the hack Forbes, again perpetrated by the SEA, with the exposure of 1 million accounts of this prestigious newspaper. In between, the remaining articles of the week top.

The foundation of cybersecurity: the title of one of our daily collections, and was chosen for you as most watched. In it, we talk about the current state of cybersecurity and the future lies ahead and the emergence of the IoT and machine to machine computing.

Keep safekeeping our personal data is one of the main problems facing users today. Therefore, it is interesting to analyze the proposal Datacoup, a startup that buy our data to make intermediary between users and companies.

Implementing BYOD measures within a company democratizes the use of technology in it, but it is still a vector over attack, as we demonstrate in the video that accompanies the article.


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