Sunday, February 9, 2014

Top 5 Infosec links of the week (XII)

The value of passwords, microchips that self-destruct, data warehouse fires, car hacking and human forgetfulness. The five top post this week by the Sunday collection.

The video that accompanies the article was the overall winner of the week, and no wonder. Starring a clueless Paco León, set in a 2056 where all our interaction with the world is based on maintaining our password safekeeping. But what if we forget it? Nothing good, that we can be absolutely certain.

A concern, and a lot, Projects Agency Defense Advanced Research that has commissioned IBM the creation of a chip capable of destroying itself if it falls into enemy lines. The fortunes of 007 closer to becoming reality.

Information is power, and keep it in a safe is a necessity rather than an alternative. Unfortunately, disasters sometimes happen beyond our control ... or under the control of others, if you prefer to be suspicious. On this fact struck by the fire in the Iron Mountain argentinean warehouse, a company that is dedicated specifically to store and process data securely. The SIXTH in his 20 years of life.

Incidental, or entirely premeditated situations like that little device developed by two Spaniards that allows you to take control of a smart car, activating their brakes, moving the steering wheel and thousand "dirty tricks" more.

Although at this point, sometimes not even need a dose of evil. And they should ask to safeguards the Superbowl, which appeared in a video with one of the screens which clearly shows the password for the WIFI network that were using.


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