Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Things that make you feel like a Goldfish in the Internet

Princess Margaret said once, “I have as much privacy as a goldfish in a bowl.” Thanks to the development of Internet services and the massive adoption of social media, most citizens of the 21st century may have this same feeling.

Since our personal details have economic value, it is very difficult to keep them secure. Moreover if we enjoy the comfort and benefits of the Internet. That is the reason why they arise some initiatives such as Datacoup’s one, that proposes to take an intermediary role between companies and their clients. Datacoup pays 6 euros to the user for his data and delivers the information to the companies in an anonymously manner.

Unfortunately, some people will always try to make money by the easy way, for instance, stealing the data. And for that, one of the techniques used is phishing. Sometimes they camouflage the scam as a money lender service, since money is scarce nowadays.

Other times, cybercriminals gain access to user’s information and therefore to his organization’s network by infecting one of his devices with malware, as shown in today's video.

Your privacy is also jeopardized by espionage. In Germany they are concerned regarding the interception of Europeans’ personal data by foreign governments, especially U.S. Therefore, they call for the creation of a European communications network that prevents emails and other data of being transmitted through foreign networks.

However, no matter how careful we are, we are never secure because there will always be vulnerabilities on the devices and software we use. As the one discovered on an Asus router that gives hackers access to the victim’s network. Or the flaws recently found on SAP NetWeaver that allow hackers to perform different types of attacks against a system, with the possibility of compromising sensitive information.

If you did not feel like a goldfish in a fishbowl before, for sure, after reading all of that, you may have got a fish face.


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