Friday, February 21, 2014

‘Hasta la vista’, crackers

No, no, no, no. You gotta listen to the way people talk. You don't say "affirmative," or some shit like that. You say "no problemo." And if someone comes on to you with an attitude you say "eat me." And if you want to shine them on it's "hasta la vista, baby." (John Connor to T-800, in Terminator II: Judgement Day).

Are we really far from this science fiction referent, released in 1991? Guys from All Time 10s are devoted to compile every kind of matters “Decalogue", from delicious pizza facts, to things you never knew about South Park, even top 10 fails in Winter Olympics. One of their last videos is 10 technologies that could enslave mankind. Some more, some less, it is easy to check that more than 20 years since that Arnold Schwarzie’s movie, there is a fine thread to our days: robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Please, take note that almost risk issues from those 10 technologies are related to Information Security, and more specifically to breaches in them. Eg, network plugged critic infrastructures are open to illegitimate (or backdoor) access. Eg, Stuxnet and Iran nuclear plants are still in the news: South Korea would be developing a variant for this malware, in order to attack its North neighbor nuclear plants.

If in the future, even nowadays, we are going to be connected one each other by every kind of devices, it is easy to think about google, true? And its OS Android, true? Well, despite we do not like to be scaremonger, HackPlayers guys have uploaded a huge tutorial for compromising Android devices. Post ends with an advice that we are used to give: “always look at common sense. An aware mobile phone user is forearmed”.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to go through common sense when almost every mobile app, free or paid ones, no matter if Android or iOS, are used to access with impunity to our data, according to last Apps Reputation Report from Appthority. Just in case, lessons as HackPlayers one, is what we are going to find at imminent RootedCon. Achtung, only 42 seats (even less), are available in the workshops, one of the new activities this year.

At one of those workshops we must find the “trendy” Spanish hacker Chema Alonso. He approaches a delicate issue in his last post: this week Politics magazine Interviú (sounds like “interview”), published a report about the supposed metadata contained in documents related to “Noós Case”, an alleged corruption scheme involving part of national Royal Family. After trying to gain access to original documents, Spanish researcher finds out that there is no way to ensure this report veracity.


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