Saturday, February 15, 2014

Entrust the sheep the wolf

”You have entrusted the sheep the wolf” How many times have we heard this quote from Terence, the celebrated playwright latino? And how many times have we turned to her to talk about net neutrality and / or privacy in the third environment?


We continue with the analysis of some of the tools used by the American National Security Agency: BULDOZER, rootkit (set of services designed to exploit vulnerabilities in any network to escalate privileges and gain control of it) composed of a piece of hardware (GINSU) that would bridge between wireless infrastructure and track workers NSA. A sophisticated piece of engineering that goes into action when all other attacks have not obtained the expected result, and that its qualities is the ability to self reinstalled once it is localized and hide their actions following the cheats techniques of video games, what has led him to be called colloquially as “God Mode” malware.

Malware increases with new ways to infect our terminals. Where the user is, is malware. And in a world dominated by mobile devices, in particular, by Android, we have the perfect battleground.

Two reports: The first, CISCO, Security in 2014, which reflects that ”92% of Android apps are vulnerable" and “71% of targeted malware will be in this OS terminals”. The second, Sophos, focusing on the most prevalent infections, whose ranking you can see in the picture accompanying this article. A ranking dominated by botnets inflating your monthly bill via Premium SMS, ransomware that block access to your files and force you to pay to retrieve and malware designed to gain access credentials of our bank accounts.

And we end with a recommendation: If you are user of Internet Explorer 9 or 10, it is highly recommended that during the next three weeks use another browser default, since found a new 0-day that affects one-third of its users. Hijacking attack responsible for obtaining personal data and accounts of the victim, and then exploit them in different ways (extortion, theft of money, ...).


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