Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cybercrime is 5 times bigger than the new Facebook's Whatsapp

“Cyberspace is all around us: it’s in our pockets, our vehicles, our places of work and our homes.” That’s the beginning of this video which describes roughly how the state of cybersecurity is today. It gives us some striking data such as that cybercrime produces a loss of 110 billion dollars (80 billion euros) a year in the world and affects 556 million people.

Our homes are becoming more and more intelligent and connected so a vulnerability, such as the one suffered by Belkin’s product WeMO, could allow criminals to remotely disconnect security cameras and motion sensors before barging in our homes.

Our hospitals and medical equipment have also increased their reliance on the Internet and, therefore, their exposure to the risks that that entails. Leakage of sensitive patient personal data or the manipulation of medical technology are on the scope of cyber criminal minds. It is important that both medical professionals and healthcare organizations take basic measures like keeping all the devices updated, changing default passwords, restricting user privileges to the least required or encrypting communications.

Even flirting carries more risks than those strictly necessary when we do it online. Now you don’t only face a possible negative or a hurting answer. For instance, if you used dating app Tinder last year, an enemy might have taken advantage of a flaw in its geolocation system in order to get your exact location with an error margin of about 30 meters. Scary, isn’t it?

Even soccer teams that apparently have little to do with the Internet are exposed to the dangers of the Network. Indeed, on Tuesday, after its victory against Manchester City, FC Barcelona’s Twitter account posted a pair of striking tweets: "Dear FC Barcelona management, don’t let the Qatari money funds you, it’s full of blood and kill" and "Especial hi to Real Madrid." Its account on that social network had been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA).


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