Saturday, February 8, 2014

Adaptive environment

"Accept our vulnerability rather than trying to hide it is the best way to adapt to reality". Quote of the famous and media David Viscott, psychiatrist and host of his own program on American television, and is slavishly follows the substance of this article.

Pablo San Emeterio and Jaime Sánchez told us last year: WhatsApp was a very unsafe system communication. Fortunately, at that time it has rained, and now we ephemeral communication tools as Snapchat. You really are so safe? As is shown not with the creation of a universal token that can be used for spamming any client until we deny the service. And that's not all, as in next month in RootedCON unveil further. How the body you have?

As well as Greg Satell, Forbes contributor, to tell the unusual story Doug Dietz, a specialist in the development of medical equipment that suffered in the flesh mismatches. Created at the time ray machine was the delight of the medical profession, but because of its shape, it caused real terror in children, to the point of having to sedated. Not short of lazy, he knew precedence over the requirements of your client redesigning their wits end for patients, instead of being scared, enjoy that experience. An example for any industry, plus the infosec, which tends to go two steps behind the malicious computer techniques.

And what better way to adapt to use the tools that internet has given us to catch criminals? That same thinking CyberWarZone will have to explain a simple and effective method of finding phishing campaigns using Google Images.

We ended the article with two invitations. The first with Spanish flavor, to learn that is born in our country a new computer security event: MortezueloCon, on 13 and 14 February at the University of Cuenca, and will have Pepelux, Dabo and Dani Medianero contributors. And the second conference of the RSAC, on the other side of the pond, in which we discuss the importance of inheriting part of the adaptive capacity of video games in our industry. You have the teaser in the video linked.


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