Saturday, January 4, 2014

When the fox preaches

Miguel de Cervantes said that "When the fox preaches, chickens are not sure." An overwhelming judgment both in the real world and the virtual, which reminds us every day that are no more than a helpless chickens fenced by foxes.


Facebook news again (perhaps to prevent Snapchat hog the headlines), and worse. It has been denounced by monitor and share information that customers share in private messages with advertisers. Yes, you heard right, private messages. Although the service itself ensures that these messages are private, shared information is being financially exploited. Privacy absent.

Vanderbeken Eloi, a specialized reverse engineering hacker recently announced have found a vulnerability in many of the Linkys routers, allowing the attacker to gain control of the device. The story of how he came to that conclusion does not leave you indifferent, and shows how much he loves his job. Instead of "call the crane" as any user would do when you have lost your keys (credentials), Eloi preferred sniffing ports to find one dangerously open, and using reverse engineering, access from it to escalate privileges. Fortunately, backdoor can only be exploited if the attacker is within the same network, so would suffice to fortify our WIFI and make sure that nobody else has access should be enough to avoid being taken advantage.

Two new vulnerabilities in the OpenSSL package, massively used for SSH connections (remote access to systems) and HTTPS (links to pages using the secure protocol). What does this mean? Well, until it is updated (which hopefully will happen soon), attackers have a new method to interfere in these communications, either doing a MITM (interposed between the client and server to steal all the data you are passing ) or denying service (the famous DDoS).

Two of the most costly attacks to a large company, and that they are not alone. Targeted attacks are still at the beginning of the year the most dangerous type of attack, and that greatly affects the business accounts, with an average of 1.7 million euros. Among its consequences, loss of critical data, business interruption and repair costs. And the only tool against them, taking proper precautions.


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