Sunday, January 26, 2014

Top 5 infosec links of the Week (X)

Perhaps we are ‘techies’ a lot, but we like nice stories with a happy end. For example, something like a ‘freak’ developing an algorithm to find its dreamed girl, then testing it, and finally achieving its goal. That really move us, and well, you make it visible: it’s the most read story this week out of all of shared links by And, of course, it isn’t the only one. Here you’ve got the top links of the week, 10th edition.

Oh! My beloved hacking!“McKinley the Enamored” story is everything but typical. In fact, it is absolutely atypical, because of its personal trajectory and for the methods he used to develop its algorithms to make OkCupid social networks become a success in his life. And he got it, based on perseverance and commitment working on a social network where you don’t exist if you don’t get enough visibility.

Another nice love story, or at least a fascinating and engaged story, is the one starred by technology and hopes on a better future. The World Economic Forum has decided this year to start the engine with a conference of top level managers from tech enterprises, and you have celebrated it with a reading feast, making this story climbs up to second position in the top viewed link of the week.

Two collapses are also top stories last days: first, the huge Internet access outage in China, where Government and great Firewall-Censorship appears to be prime suspect; second, the shutdown of a German cybersecurity webpage after alerts about 16 million accounts had been hacked. Risk is out there for everyone, especially for Spain, item that you have clicked assiduously during last days.


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