Sunday, January 12, 2014

Top 5 infosec links of the Week (VIII)

Malware on websites, Yahoo corrupted by a botnet, concept maps, as the death of McAfee brand and loss of control of Michael Bay at CES. The five top post of the week, we bring in the Sunday session.


From its union with VirusTotal, Google has a very efficient way to know whether a website is active malware system. This is an advantage for everyone, but it also has its downside. Once you enter the blacklist of pages to Google, it is difficult to get out of it, even if you've already solved the problem. In the link that accompanies this article we leave some issues to consider if you are in this situation.

There is much interest in the future of virtual currencies, in particular the Bitcoin. The malware earlier this week that affected some Yahoo ads mission was to create a botnet to mine Bitcoins. Yahoo already been solved, and seeks the causes of an advertisement and pass the filters.

René Mérou give us the mind map of Hacking, a document with fast and simple tips that we all know about the motivation and tactics of hacking, offensive or defensive. A great gift of kings for our readers.

And we end with two articles and a mistake for which we are responsible. Intel's decision to rename the brand of antivirus McAfee as "Intel Security" was one of the Top Rated Articles of the week, followed closely by the response of the media John McAfee, founder and former partner of the company, which life full of ups and downs looks like something out of a television program.

Although the article dealt with this, the fact is that the link led to another, just very consistent with the subject matter, in which they talked about how the film director Michael Bay was left blank in the middle of the presentation of new 4k screens Samsung in Consumer Electronics Show to be held this week in Las Vegas. So apologize for the confusion caused, and thank you for understanding (and unusual excitement reader) shown in social networks.

Five articles that put the icing on a week full of malware and communication errors, ... external and internal :).


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