Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top 5 infosec links of the Week (VII)

Right to oblivion, assault to privacy in our services, dust-zero default, DDoS WhatsApp users and India against bitcoin. The five top post this week by the Sunday collection.

What is known about the data protection and the right to be forgotten? What about our duties and rights? How far they are able to reach the developers companies such services? The video that accompanies this article answers all these (and many more) questions. A documentary created by Spanish Television you can not miss.

Mass communication services with its security breached. The most notorious case of this week, Snapchat, with the following number: 4.6 million phone numbers in compromise. Are fixing a bug which forced marches.

The opposite happens in WhatsApp, susceptible of being denied service by a simple method, and whose technical team, despite being warned not seem very motivated to find a solution. All this means that tomorrow will pass this bill.

What does it say all this? That cloud services should be based on a scenario of "trust-zero", as predictions indicate the prestigious Ars Technica. Not to overlook nothing, and the assumption less favorable.

Or at least that's what it had to think of the Reserve Bank of India, which announced earlier this week that temporarily suspended the trading of bitcoin, apparently because it is a tactic increasingly used for money laundering and terrorist financing.


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