Sunday, January 19, 2014

Top 5 infosec links of the Week (IX)

Anonymous Surfing, attacks on Microsoft systems, Ubuntu as an example of security, DDoS phones and hacking to cameras. The five top post of the week, we bring in the Sunday session.

Really we are confident with the security settings in the browser by default? Well it seems that no. Whenever we access the internet, leave a trail, even by anonymous tab browser, or using proxies that act as intermediaries.

A big problem of privacy, especially when the person behind can have perverse interests, ... or just looking to hang out. Something happened to the video worker, whose terminal had been afflicted with a ransomware that allowed manage music and the camera device.

The question is therefore choose what systems, UK seems to be clear. The version of Ubuntu 12.04 is the least known bugs and exploits has, much better that Windows or OS X. So if you are concerned about privacy, without losing user experience, you know.

Pending the arrival of Ubuntu to mobile terminals, is disturbing boom denial of service from these devices that take advantage of the naivety of people accessing public WIFIs to let them become part of the botnet shift.

Of massive attacks, to targeted attack, as it has brought down the street from bitterness to Microsoft. One of his Twitter account was corrupted at the end of last week by the Syrian Army Electronic, and during this time one of his blogs.

Five articles that put the icing on a week full of malware and abuse of our privacy. Navigate with eyes wide open!


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