Saturday, January 18, 2014

The reform of the NSA

“The reforms I'm proposing now should give the American people more confident that their rights are being protected, even when our enforcement and intelligence agencies maintain the tools they need for security”. Obama thus began his speech yesterday on the future of the NSA.

“I think the critics are right to point out that without proper safeguards, such programs could be used to generate more information about our private lives and open the door to indiscriminate collection programs and more intrusive information”. Front the Department of Justice, the President of the United States was optimistic a reform of the country intelligence. A reform whose main focus revolves around the protection and surveillance abandonment allied leaders and tracks of citizens, up to two levels of association with a suspect, and they will necessarily pass by a judge before taking out.

Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the U.S. decision pending determination of the details of a pact of mutual antispyware. Not so in Brazil, where President Dilma Rousseff said would not comment, and Senator Grazziotin Vanessa, head of the Brazilian Senate, concluded that “spying on friends and allies should never have happened”.

Are so many doubts about where all such communications will be stored (since the NSA lost the power of storage) and whether to continue interfering in the data sent over the network. In no time speak about the need to legislate digital communications that Review Group Communication Technologies had filed last year: Or exploiting zero-day attacks, or control of the agency on encryption standards present in almost all digital systems, and the use of all this information. In his absencethe President gave a period of 60 days to reform the rest of the tools used by the NSA to interfere with telephone communications, and to spy allies.

Perhaps at this point, and waiting to see the results of the reform, we can breathe easy knowing that much information for the organism is capable of storing, processing is becoming at times an almost impossible task to keep. The information value of big data is pending, and hardly salvageable with artificial intelligence capabilities of our days, forcing to have a human filter able to really understand the complex workings of our language, and therefore some funds that not even the NSA has.


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