Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The pursuit of a clear sky

The pursuit of blue sky

“The brain is wider than the sky” said by poet Emily Dickinson. Unfortunately, there are some people who do not use their brain to write poetry but just to find new ways to harm, cheat, steal and make money at the expense of others. It is the case of cybercriminals and cyberterrorists.

Indeed, the cyberspace’s firmament looks full of clouds due to such individuals. The color and position of such clouds are directly related to the level of Internet development in a region. For example, in Western countries, the risk of cyber attacks is very high. Specifically in Spain, the National Institute of Communication Technologies (Inteco) states that they identified 7000 security incidents aimed by malicious purposes in 2013. It also warns that the level of awareness about cybersecurity among population is still low.

No doubt it is necessary to educate people about the dangers of the network and how to take measures to prevent them. Perhaps that way we would avoid to become victims of Betabot spyware, the protagonist of a new attack on Spanish-speaking countries, mainly Chile, Dominican Republic and Spain.

It seems that the Germans are more aware of the threats for user in the Internet. For this reason, when the Federal Security Bureau in Information Technology (BSI) of that country warned of the discovery of 16 million compromised accounts and released a website with the list of affected email addresses, the large amount of users who try to check the website make it crash.

In Mexico it is also growing concern about the activities carried out by organized crime on the Internet. Therefore, the Senate called all states to strengthen their cyber-police bodies or create them if they don’t have one.

Meanwhile, in Romania, a 40 year old man was arrested by the allegation of being the hacker known as Guccifer. This person is credited with the hacking of email accounts belonging to public figures from that country and the disclosing of sensitive information.

If anything is clear is that no territory is risk-free in cyberspace. Therefore it is essential to protect a sector as "juicy" for cybercriminals as the financial one. According to a report by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), it is needed that banks and financial institutions introduce non-replicable, single-use credentials for e-identities when managing e-banking and e-payments.

All steps taken towards a clear sky are welcome.


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